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Why had you better purchase the used car directly from Japanese Auction?

The price of vehicles in the auction is way much cheaper than any companies, which deal in the second car business.
Why this is so?
Considering the fact that auction houses are places where almost all Japanese vehicles of all models can be found, it is where car dealers in Japan hunts down units that are needed by their clients or simply for their stock. If you purchase a vehicle directly from the auction just like car dealers, the price shall certainly be cheaper since you purchase at a dealer-price level. Additionally, you also stand a chance to bargain the price. You can never find any place to purchase Japanese used cars at a lower price than in auction houses.
It is safe to buy cars from the auction because we thoroughly check the car condition before the bid. We can also find any vehicle that is needed by the client because there are more than 150,000 cars in different auction houses every week and there are over 100 auctions in Japan, which operate on a daily basis.

Auction process

Make an Order by sending us the whole information about the unit/car you would like to purchase. After sending the detailed information to us, we look for the unit and make sure that the client is satisfied. We also offer advice to our clients when necessary. We then provide the whole information including the photos of the car and the starting bidding price to the client. We let the client set the final bidding price before the bidding date.


If the client is satisfied, a remittance of $2,500 deposit to our bank account should be made and confirmed prior to the bidding date. After remittance, a client is required to attach the TT copy to info@autoassista.com. Down is our bank information. If we fail to confirm the payment, we do not continue for the bid till we hear from the client.
[Bank Information]

2.Inspection of your vehicle

At the auction date, we have auction staff inspect the vehicle condition thoroughly before the bid. The client can choose whether we do additional inspection or not (additional inspection costs 2,000 yen). If we happen to find any bad condition on the car during the inspection, we inform the client and simply cancel the bid.

3.Bid result

In case we win the bid, your vehicle is transported to the nearest port from the auction house. In case we lose the bid, we try to bid the same vehicle at a different date or in another auction house at any time.

4.At the port

We then send you photos to let you confirm the condition of the car again. If you want us to fix any part or replace tires or rim, you can always let us know.

5.50% payment

Before the shipping, the client is required to remit 50% of the remaining balance to our bank account and send us the TT copy by email within 5 working days from the date of invoice receipt.

6.The final payment

The payment of 50% balance is completed within 5 working days from the date we send the copy of the shipment document (bill of landing) to the client.

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